Afrikaans grammar

This grammar reference mainly includes general rules based on the Pareto principle.

It is not complete and do not cover all exceptions, but is enough to understand how many Afrikaans sentences are constructed.

Adjectives Adjectives.
Articles Definite and indefinite.
Infinitives To (om te) ...
Modal Verbs Can, Want, Must ....
Negation No and not.
Personal pronouns Ek, jy, hy ... (I, you he ...)
Plurals Plural of nouns
Possessives Mine, his, hers etc
Questions Who, what, where ...
Verbs Verbs. General
Word order Word order of sentences

A basic reference grammar

Easy Afriakaans is primarly aimed at anyone who wants to start learning Afrikaans language, learn a few words and phrases, and with the sentences wants to gain a basic conversational ability.

The grammar on Easy Afrikaans reflects this, and covers the essential grammar that you need to understand how the sentences on these pages are constructed and to build or make your own.

Afrikaans grammar is relatively straight-forward for English speakers to get to grips with, but there are of course exceptions within the grammatical rules, and these are not covered (as yet) on this site.