Afrikaans Grammar. Infinitives

Afrikaans Infinitives

Infinitives in Afrikaans are formed using om te.

I like to go swimming Ek hou daarvan om te gaan swem
I like to listen to music Ek hou daarvan om na musiek te luister

A few verbs including behoort 'ought', hoef 'need' and skyn 'appear,seem' are only followed by te in the infinitive.

There is not always a direct translation between the Afrikaans and English in the sentences. So, for example, Ek hou van reis 'I like to travel', does not in Afrikaans use the infinitive structure as literally it means 'I like travelling'. In Afrikaans, the present participle 'travelling' in this example, is formed by using the bare infinitive of the verb.

The Afrikaans sentences contain many additional examples of infinitves.