Introductions and greetings

Greetings (formal)

Good morningGoeie môre
Good afternoonGoeie middag
Good eveningGoeie naand

Greetings (informal)


Introducing yourself and others Start lesson

My name is ...My naam is ...
This is my wifeDit is my vrou
This is my husbandDit is my man
This is my sonDit is my seun
This is my daughterDit is my dogter
This is ...Dit is ...
This is Mr SmithDit is mnr. Smith
This is Mrs SmithDit is mev. Smith

Afrikaans has formal and informal modes of speech, and you can learn something about this through the personal pronouns

Modes of formality are beyond the scope of this site, but in general err on the side of caution and use common sense.

For example, if you are talking to someone in authority or much older than you, a more formal style of speech is often a good idea.

But it's your call.