Useful phrases

Useful phrases Start

These phrases are useful when you are trying to communicate in Afrikaans.

Excuse meVerskoon my
Can you help me please?Kan jy my help asseblief?
I am trying to learn AfrikaansEk probeer Afrikaans leer
Please speak more slowlyPraat asseblief stadiger
Where is ..?Waar is ..?
How much does this cost?Hoeveel kos dit?
I don't speak AfrikaansEk praat nie Afrikaans nie
Can you repeat that?Kan jy dit asseblief herhaal?
I don't understandEk verstaan nie
What is it called in Afrikaans?Wat is dit in Afrikaans?

Basic 'get by' type phrases can also be used to illustrate basic Afrikaans Grammar.

For example:

Ek praat nie Afrikaans nie (I don't speak Afrikaans) shows the double negative used in negation.

Ek probeer Afrikaans leer I am trying to learn Afrikaans) shows Afrikaans word order.