Adjectives Learn

Here are some common Afrikaans adjectives used 'predicatively'.

These are illustrated with some simple sentences (also to help with vocabulary building).

The man is happyDie man is gelukkig
The car is quickDie kar is vinnig
The girl is prettyDie meisie is mooi
The dog is noisyDie hond is raserig
The house is tallDie huis is hoog
The table is bigDie tafel is groot
The cup is smallDie koppie is klein
The dog is badDie hond is stout
I am tallEk is lank
He is shortHy is kort
The hat is greenDie hoed is groen

Afrikaans Adjectives

Adjectives are describing words. The happy man. The noisy dog.

They can be used attributively or predicatively (when they follow the noun):

Predicative adjectives

Predicative adjectives follow the noun, and as in English this means after the verb to be which in Afrikaans is normally is, was or sal.

The man is happy.

The dog is noisy.

Attributive adjectives

When an adjective comes before the noun it is describing, it is said to be used attributively.

An adjective may change its form when used attributively, according to a complex set of rules.

But quite often an e is added. So look out for the adjective which add an e and listen out for other changes.

The quick carDie vinnige kar
The small cupDie klein koppie
The bad dogDie stoute hond
The good manDie goeie man
The tall womanDie lang vrou
The green hatDie groen hoed