Modal verbs

A modal verb (also modal, modal auxiliary verb, modal auxiliary) is a type of auxiliary verb that is used to indicate modality – that is, likelihood, ability, permission, and obligation.

As defined in the wiki entry.

Or more simply a verb such as 'can', ''must', want to' and 'will'.

Modal Verbs. Present Start lesson

These are used in Afrikaans in the same way as we use them in English.

The following sentences demonstrate this and illustrate the use of kan 'can', moet 'must' wil 'want to' and sal 'will'.

They also show the germanic word order often seen in Afrikaans with the 'main' verb at the end of the sentence. See word order.

She can visit the musuemSy kan die museum besoek
I can go to the shopEk kan na die winkel toe gaan
I must go to workEk moet werk toe gaan
He must go to schoolHy moet skool toe gaan
They will clean the houseHulle sal die huis skoonmaak
We will read itOns sal dit lees
You must write a letterJy moet ’n brief skryf
We must visit our friendOns moet ons vriend besoek
I want to go on holidayEk wil met vakansie gaan
He wants to buy a carHy wil ’n kar koop