Telling the time In Afrikaans

Telling the time. HoursStart

Once you have learnt the Numbers the full hours are formed by adding uur 'hour' to the number.

What time is it? Hoe laat is dit?
It is one o'clockDit is eenuur
It is two o'clockDit is twee-uur
It is three o'clockDit is drie-uur
It is four o'clockDit is vieruur
It is five o'clockDit is vyfuur
It is six o'clockDit is sesuur
It is seven o'clockDit is sewe-uur
It is eight o'clockDit is agtuur
It is nine o'clockDit is nege-uur
It is ten o'clockDit is tienuur
It is eleven o'clockDit is elfuur
It is twelve o'clockDit is twaalfuur

Telling the time. Half hour Start lesson

Half 'half' is added to the appropriate number to make the half hour.

Afrikaans uses the hour ahead on telling the half-hour. So half past two becomes Half drie and uses drie instead of twee as we would in English.

Telling the time. Quarter hour

Use voor for 'to' and oor for 'past'.

Oor means 'over' making it easy to remember.

Half past twoHalf drie
Half past threeHalf vier
Half past nineHalf tien
Half past twelveHalf een
Quarter past twelveKwart oor twaalf
Quarter past fourKwart oor vier
Quarter past eightKwart oor agt
Quarter to oneKwart voor een
Quarter to fiveKwart voor vyf
Quarter to tenKwart voor tien
Quarter to elevenKwart voor elf
Quarter to twelveKwart voor twaalf