Afrikaans Books

I'm only adding books that I have read (or am reading) to this page.

There are two Afrikaans books which I have enjoyed and which are poles apart in level of difficulty and subject matter.

Die eu met die snor by die bar

Die eu met die snor by die bar which is the story of Jack Parrow (the rapper) and his rise to greatness. It is written by Theunis Engelbregh and in the first person.

The book is written in Afrikaans with many English loan words and a lot of swearing (so not for the easily offended), or language purists.

Afrikaans Language purists don't like the book because of the mix of English words within the Afrikaans. As a learner, I've found it not only entertaining, but an easy and accessible way to start reading Afrikaans.


Ikarus written by Deon Meyer is crime/detective story.

It is more difficult to understand than Die eu met die snor by die bar, but the story dragged me in and kept me reading.

Someone has been murdered and his body discovered buried in sand dunes. This someone is the CEO of a new tech start up (Alibi) which provides ... alibis.

And there is the brooding cop Captain Benny Griessel out to catch the killer.

I don't want to give anything away, but it's a great read.

Deon Meyer has written a large number of books, and I'm hoping that when I read another of his (after Ikarus), that I will find it significantly easier.