Basic Afrikaans phrases Learn

It is always difficult to know what to pick for basic phrases as everyone has different needs and ideas.

These are chosen almost at random. When learning a language, it is important especially in the initial stages, to learn what will be most useful for you.

How's things?Hoe gaan dinge?
I live in ...Ek bly in ...
My name is ...My naam is ...
What is your name?Wat is jou naam?
Where do you live?Waar bly jy?
How old are you?Hoe oud is jy?
Do you have children?Het jy kinders?
Are you married?Is jy getroud?
What time is it?Hoe laat is dit?

General phrases has a similar but maybe more functional group of sentences.

Start here has various roadmaps on how to start learning Afrikaans.


There are formal and informal ways of speaking in Afrikaans.

For example, 'how are you' is either Hoe gaan die met u? (formal) or Hoe gaan dit met jou? (informal).

These phrases are translated as if you were talking to one person informally.