Afrikaans phrases. Conversation

A few phrases to help you make conversation.

Conversational phrases. 1 Start

Where are you from?Waar kom jy vandaan?
I'm from EnglandEk kom van Engeland
I'm from AmericaEk kom van Amerika
Have you been to my country?Was jy al in my land?
I live in (the city of) ..Ek bly in (die stad) ..
I like your country a lotEk hou baie van jou land
What do you think of the city?Wat dink jy van die stad
Are you married?Is jy getroud?
I'm singleEk is nie getroud nie

Conversational phrases. 2 Start

Where are you staying?Waar bly jy?
Do you have children?Het jy kinders?
What do you do?Wat doen jy vir 'n lewe?
I'm retiredEk is afgetree
I'm a studentEk is 'n student
I'm travellingEk reis
I'm here on holidayEk is met vakansie
I'm here on businessEk is hier vir besigheid
Have you been to ..?Was jy al by ..?
I've been to ...Ek was al by ...

Conversational phrases are useful to learn, and they are a good starting point but ...

it is even better to be able to make sentences and phrases of your own!

There are five hundred general conversational sentences, which combined can make literally tens of thousands more.

Learn these, understand some grammar, and start learning basic conversational Afrikaans!