Afrikaans links

A few links to other Afrikaans (related) websites and other sites that in some way tickle my fancy.

Surface Languages Afrikaans. This is one of mine. Essentially there is the same Afrikaans content but in a different format. There are also words and phrases in about a million other languages - or thereabouts.

Afrikaans grammar. A rather sketchy outline of Afrikaans grammar from the omniscient wiki.

Network 24. Al die nuus altyd byderhand. All the news at hand or maybe to hand. (This reads better in Afrikaans).

Afrikaans London. An interesting blog written in Afrikaans by an Afrikaans language learner.

Polyglot people. Another one of mine. If you are interested in learning the sentences on Easy Afrikaans, then this is another approach using the same sentences (in Afrikaans and other languages).

Afrikaans dictionary. A dictionary created by yours truly which is permanently under construction and which will be moved onto this site before long. This is a placeholder to remind me to move the dictionary here when I have time:)

Afrikaans Music

A few links to music that I like by Afrikaans bands and singers. They sing in Afrikaans, English and a mixture of both.

Music is very subjective, and if you are easily offended do not click on any if the Die Andwoord links.

Cooler as Ekke Cool as me (by Jack Parow).
Tussen stasies Between stations (by Jack Parow).
Wat kyk jy What are you looking at (Die Andwoord).