Afrikaans Verbs

Conmmon Afrikaans Verbs (with examples)

Afrikaans Verbs outlines how verbs function in Afrikaans and Word Order outlines the Afrikaans sentence word order.

Although it is useful to read the explanations, in practice it is difficult to learn a language through rules. Another way is to learn example sentences which help to fix the new language structures in your mind.

There are in Afrikaans (as in English) some verbs that are used constantly, and these are used here with example sentences designed to show 'basic' 'Afrikaans word order. More to follow ...

I want to learnEk wil leer
The radio will not workDie radio wil nie werk nie
I want to eatEk wil eet
I can speak AfrikaansEk kan Afrikaans praat
I like my workEk hou van my werk
I like itEk hou van dit
I like coffeeEk hou van koffie

Wil can mean either 'want to', 'will' or 'would'.

Hou van 'like' is composed of two words.